How to utilize Oracle cloud services for manufacturing

With the transition to the digital age, manufacturing now has access to a new generation of tools to maximize production and minimize mistakes. But an often unheralded portion of a manufacturer’s success due to this technology is the ability to move manufacturing product from the warehouse to the customer.

More manufacturers than ever are considering their products as Products as a Service (PaaS), which adds a focus on customer service and insight in addition to the discrete product sold. PaaS can only work, however, with a detailed customer understanding. That understanding is made possible through deep learning and digital measurement, and tools like Oracle do just that. Oracle can enable new business models and drive more revenue to manufacturing organizations.


Enable new business models

oracleAs an exciting new business model, PaaS succeeds or fails on the ability to parse large amounts of data and turn it into something understandable and actionable. That’s extremely difficult without utilizing a large amount of computing power, including artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Oracle’s Monetization Cloud Service enables “Products as a Service” revenue models, powered by usage processing and ratings across measurable metrics. In addition, users can also build integration frameworks to quickly connect business systems and installed goods for remote monitoring and usage. That means you will receive analytics that provide timely, actionable information throughout the business process. Using these cloud services can help you transition from a classic manufacturing outfit to a technologically advanced organization.


Drive more revenue

oracleObviously, the most important thing for your business is driving more revenue. That begins with PaaS solutions, as described above, but also goes beyond that into the sales and marketing process. Who is your customer? Where can they be reached? Is your customer more enterprise than individual, or is it a mixture of both? How can PaaS be leveraged to resonate with potential buyers?

Utilizing a variety of Oracle’s cloud solutions answers some of those questions. For engaging potential buyers while selling smarter, your sales and marketing departments need insights into the sales pipeline. Oracle’s Lead to Cash solution keeps pricing 100% up to date to ensure that every quote is completely accurate, guaranteeing that you won’t lose deals due to miscommunication. And with guided selling and integrated communication, you can shorten the sales cycle to bring revenue in more quickly and with less hassle. That leaves you at ease and able to focus on building your products and improving efficiency.

In addition, Oracle’s Marketing Cloud collects all of the data around the activities, behaviors, and attributes of your customers so that you can confidently bring them through the sales cycle while answering every question and discussing every potential roadblock around complex orders and unique customer needs.

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The actual act of manufacturing products is difficult enough without even getting into the worries of new business models like PaaS or dealing with marketing, sales, and quotes. That’s why we recommend utilizing tools specific to manufacturing, like Oracle’s cloud solutions, to make sure that your business is as innovative and useful as the products you make every day.


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