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In this blog, we’ve covered many different reasons why you need Oracle CPQ, from the power of guided selling to the impact of Oracle CPQ’s reporting. Oracle CPQ is an effective platform that makes configuring your product offering, always correctly pricing that offering, and delivering an accurate, branded quote to a customer extremely simple. You can integrate Oracle CPQ to flow seamlessly from your CRM to include customer details through to your billing or ERP platform to handle invoicing and contracts. It’s really a no-brainer for any company that wants to make selling its products or services easy. To make implementation as painless as possible, we at Simplus have created FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ. Simplus FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ enables companies to quickly implement Oracle CPQ by using an established user guide, all-standard functionality, and Simplus installation of the final product.


Established user guide

It’s been said that great art happens when you find creative ways to deal with constraints. This makes sense because even though you can do anything doesn’t mean you should. For FastTrack™, we start with an already prepared user guide document that outlines the functionality available to you as part of the out-of-the-box implementation. This user guide helps you to focus on the most important tasks first, as well as keep the costs for the project lower and the project timelines shorter. This doesn’t mean that other functional requirements aren’t possible. On the contrary, because less time needs to be spent on the basics, we can help you refine your offering to bring the necessary functionality.


All-standard functionality

It can be extremely frustrating when a software company moves beyond support for old software that you’ve purchased. Think about old versions of Windows or Adobe programs that you download on your computer. What’s most exasperating about companies sunsetting support on your software is that most of the time the software still works fine and gets the job done. We want to help you avoid those issues with your Oracle CPQ implementation, so every piece of functionality included in the FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ solution set is standard functionality within the Oracle CPQ platform. This limits the number of upgrade issues you might encounter as new features and functionality are developed.


Simplus installation

Once you’ve decided on the functionality you need to succeed, we can load our asset into your Oracle CPQ system. This initial step results in a drastically reduced project timeline, as the baseline for the solution is already in place when the project starts. That means we can spend time testing and developing in a real situation and scenario, rather than trying to make the leap from mockups or proposals.


We at Simplus are dedicated to providing you with many different Oracle CPQ implementations across products and services. We recognize the impact that a great CPQ can have for a business, from the lessening of administration requirements on your salespeople to the benefits of 100% accuracy in your pricing and quotes. Simplus FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ brings all of that experience and those benefits to bear for your organization so you can sell better.


For more information on Simplus FastTrack™ for Oracle CPQ, see this page or contact us today.

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