Get the Most out of Service Cloud

Work with Simplus + Service Cloud to build faster, smarter customer service for your business.


Case Resolution


in Agent Productivity


Increase in
Customer Satisfaction


For your business to enjoy all the benefits Service Cloud delivers, it has to be set up correctly.
Don’t waste time and money. Let us help you implement, optimize, and manage Service Cloud.

Save Customer Relationships by Resolving Cases Faster

Inspire Innovation with Intelligent Programs

Faster service: Gone are the days of “hold, please” when you implement AI toward customer support. Empower your customers to get answers fast with self-service portals that help reduce wait time for them and case volume for you.

Greater insight: Never be in the dark when it comes to customer metrics. We can help you build reports on any aspect of your company’s case resolution process quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality.

Gain Deeper Insight into Customer Data

Break down silos: Eliminate the disconnect between departments within your company and improve your communication with the customer. With your Service Cloud instance, you can quickly access customer data from any location (including legacy systems) and guarantee your agents a deeper understanding of customer needs.

Provide multichannel service: With a Service Cloud implementation, you can support customers on their preferred channel(s). Deliver instantaneous service via phone, email, chat, or SMS.

Agent Satisfaction = Customer Satisfaction

Simple interface: When your agents have a seamless user experience and unified view of customer information, everyone is happy. Easy-to-use agent desktop and dashboards reduce case time and negate the need to ask the same questions twice.

Faster case resolution: Don’t waste time fumbling around disparate systems looking for customer case information and past interactions. Get happy users out the door quicker than ever before with Service Cloud’s case management system.

See how Simplus helped Citrix improve Customer Service.

Empower Your Customers with Smarter Self-Service

Provide Faster Customer Solutions
Improve Customer Communications
Customer Information
Gain Instant Access to Customer Data

Lightning Console
Connect all departments across one platform with a unified view of customer details and needs.

Live Agent
Improve agent efficiency and customer experience with quick live chat. Enable customers to connect with you from anywhere and on any platform.

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Simplus thoughtfully listened to our needs and translated those into impactful solutions. I would highly recommend Simplus as a partner.

PAUL RISK, Chief of Global Applications and Architecture, The Warranty Group