Organizational Change Management

Memos, meetings and diagrams do not make changes, people do.

Proven methodologies and processes to bring real changes to your business.

Organizations, in an effort to address critical issues, often implement projects that require change. These may be changes to organizational structures, processes and technology. While these updates to the business will have many positive benefits, it’s the employees that must ultimately change how they do their jobs. If these individuals are unsuccessful in their personal transitions, the initiative will fail; however, if the employees embrace the change, results can be spectacular.

Let us help your people encounter this change and give them what they need to transition successfully.

Develop the Right Strategy

Our team of Change Management Experts will work with you to produce a Change Strategy that is right for your business. During this step, we take the time to gain an in-depth understanding of your business, including corporate culture, business challenges and goals. We ensure these goals are in line with your users’ needs.

Make Change Easier

Change is no small task. From determining stakeholder readiness to defining the impact of making changes to ensuring end-user adoption, there is a lot that must happen to consider the change a success. We are here to make it easier. Depending on how involved you like us to be, our team can help with documentation, gaining feedback or manage the entire process.

Make the Change Stick

In the end, you can consider our Change Management as an insurance policy to get the most out of what you have purchased. To ensure your employees are ready to adopt the changes, we provide front to back training, demos, documentation and more. We also offer a monthly managed service option if you need continued support.

Not only did they help us develop a plan, but took the time to teach us how to maintain and build on that plan in the future.

Greg Larsen, Lightspeed