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Salesforce Consulting


CRM manager embraces cloud computing as a powerful solution to the limitations of old on-site technology. 

We have worked hard to establish ourselves as the industry leader in the implementation, integration and customization of Salesforce.

As a Salesforce Ventures Company since 2010, we’ve handled hundreds of implementations and have built a reputation on providing unique solutions. We have an exclusive Salesforce Global Services Agreement with Salesforce that allows us to represent and work directly with Salesforce as a consulting and development resource.

Over the past 10 years we have focused exclusively on delivering Salesforce solutions. With a 100% certified, senior led team we take the time to understand not only your business process as a whole, but also the solutions that will successfully guide your organization to the next level.  Our specialties include:

• Implementation
• Integration
• Data Migration
• Org Merge
• Custom Development
• Assessment
• Training

Sales Cloud

Companies today are looking for ways to get ahead or stay ahead of their competition. It is about identifying, selling, and managing your prospects and customers to reach your sales objectives. It might seem straightforward, but it requires a thoughtful effort to determine how best to develop and implement your sales strategies, successful lead generation, customer tracking and interaction, and progress monitoring from lead to quote to sale. You need a solution that supports and responds to the needs of the business and allows for a flexible and adaptive platform that can change as your business changes.

Salesforce’s Sales Cloud is the answer, offering:

  • A clear and understood customer and pipeline management process
  • More effective lead generation and tracking
  • Standardized quoting and pricing capability
  • Faster access to information related to customers and opportunities
  • Support of key business workflow processes to streamline and automate


Service Cloud

If your customers are not satisfied, they are not going to remain customers for long.  To provide the best possible customer experience, companies need a powerful, flexible solution such as Salesforce’s Service Cloud that can be easily adapted to meet changing business scenarios.

Salesforce’s Service Cloud is the answer, offering:

  • Scalable infrastructure: Additional seats can be quickly added to support your growing business without the need for significant hardware purchases.
  • Automated assignment and escalation rules ensure that issues are routed appropriately
  • Integrated knowledgebase capabilities allow sharing of information
  • In conjunction with Sales Cloud, allows your employees to see a 360-degree view of customer interactions
  • Integration with phone and VOIP systems to reduce call handling time
  • Availability of self-service options to assist in call diversion efforts


Marketing Cloud

Marketing Cloud brings the customer journey to a whole new level.  With the ability to plan, personalize, and optimize the journey you now have the ability to interact with your customers like never before.  With real-time data-driven intelligence you can now get to know your customers and drive more relevant 1:1 communications.  Marketing Cloud provides you with the ability to measure business impact though real-time reports and dashboards helping optimize your company’s business strategy and tactical plans.  Marketing Cloud offers various studios to help drive and optimize your marketing business.

  • Email Studio: Use Email Studio to send personalized email marketing at scale. So, whether you are a small business sending out emails to a few hundred customers at a time, or you’re a large business sending emails to a few million customers, Email Studio can meet your needs.
  • Social Studio: With Social Studio you can listen, publish, engage, and analyze your customer’s conversations on social media.
  • Mobile Studio: With Mobile Studio, you can reach customers at the right time, with the right message, regardless of location
  • Advertising Studio: With Advertising Studio, you can manage and optimize your ad campaigns so that, based on their profile, you present only the relevant content to customers
  • Web Studio: The Web Studio tools make it easy to create beautiful, dynamic Web pages and personalized content, and then track every action your customers take, in real time, to make the insights actionable.

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