When you are making the decision to implement a salesforce.com solution, an important question will be how to handle all the existing information that you currently capture in your legacy applications. It will be important to develop a solution roadmap that meets your data needs both short and long term. When, creating your plan, there are two areas to consider related to your data. First, what data will need to be migrated into the new salesforce.com application as a starting point? This would include customer data, open and historical activities, and sales opportunities or service tickets. Second, how will you keep this information up-to-date and integrated with your other systems (i.e. Financial, product, order, billing)?

CRM manager can assist you with your data needs from the initial data assessment through the design and implementation of your ultimate solution. Out team of experienced solution and technical consultants can assist in understanding the importance of:

  • Profiling your data in order to gain the most value
  • Selecting the right  data migration and integration tools to meet your objectives
  • Exploring how to analyze and clean your data
  • Determining how to prepare data for the import
  • Determining a data integration approach to support your solution needs