A key driver in your success will be user adoption. You may have delivered the ultimate solution, but if your people are not actively using it, what good is it?  CRM manager will work with you to develop and implement the right approach to train and support your team to ensure success. We recommend a cross team training approach to combine the needed salesforce.com application training with your specific business workflow and process to allow your people to, not only, understand how to use the application, but understand why. We incorporate best practices and training tips to facilitate the learning process which improves adoption.

CRM manager can work with your team to fit your particular training environment. We can facilitate the entire training process and conduct end-user training or we can work with your internal training team to support the training process. We also provide ongoing training through our Managed Services Plan that supports and responds to the needs of the business and allows for a flexible and adaptive platform that can change as your business changes.

Our Cloud training solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs to help make your business successful and include:

  • Training focused on your specific solution including any custom business processes
  • Trainers that are familiar with your solution and business environment
  • Flexible training plans that include an End-User or Train-the-Trainer approach
  • Targeted follow-up training using web conferencing
  • New employee training
  • Basic salesforce.com administrator training