In today’s business environment, it is not always clear on which approach to take when deciding on and implementing a new system solution to support your business. You may have already decided on, but how you answer the questions below can make a difference on your success and ultimate adoption of your solution.

  • What features and capabilities should we deploy to our employees, partners and customers?
  • Should we develop a solution roadmap to help define our approach?
  • What is possible with standard vs. custom functionality using the platform?
  • How will our solution integrate into our back-end systems?
  • What will all this cost and what are my options?
  • What is the best approach for supporting our solution after Go-Live?

CRM manager can assist you in helping to understand the best way forward in answering these questions and setting a plan that works for your company. Our team of experienced solution and technical consultants can assist you in the following:

  • Defining and refining your business requirements into a functional design that leverages the standard capabilities and enhances them where needed to support your particular needs
  • Evaluate different options based upon various business scenarios and providing valuable information to help guide you in making the best decision
  • Identifying and evaluating 3rd party AppExchange products that can be incorporated into your solution to meet specific needs
  • Provide project planning, costing and budgeting information that can be used to support the business case