Simplify the journey to partner self-service: #3 Additional features

by Chris Gardner

A simplified journey to excellent partner self-service isn’t complete without incorporating existing content, features, and processes you have already for your partners. The trick is just to make sure you’ve scanned your organization for anything and everything your partners could want and associated it with their designated portal. Here are some features to consider:


Building MDF and lead management into Salesforce for happier partners

Are you using market development funds (MDF) in your partner program? Enabling this feature through a community can greatly simplify the process. Using Salesforce’s built-in architecture makes it simple to create and manage budgets, handle partner MDF requests, and process MDF claims.

Additionally, how does your business handle lead distribution? Do you pass leads to your partners, or just accept incoming leads? Either way, building lead management into your partner community increases collaboration and cooperation between channel partners and your business.


Utilizing marketing and existing custom features in your partner portal

Do you provide marketing materials to your channel partners? Many of our clients provide sales and marketing materials to their partners, and having that content available in the community is a great way to provide that content. Depending on the amount and type of material, we can make suggestions on where to store the content and how to display it to your channel partners.

On a similar note, are there already existing custom features or processes that you provide to your partners? If so, providing those in the portal will increase adoption. Our most successful channel sales clients are the clients who provide a large suite of tools and features to their channel partners. The more robust the community, the higher the adoption and retention of their partners. Combining that increased adoption with decreased internal resource demands results in huge returns on investment.


Building a robust partner channel portal is best done in stages and under the guidance of an experienced consulting firm. Through sales enablement, support and training, and leveraging additional features, you can create the dream partner portal for your organization.

If you’re ready to start seeing the benefits of a partner community, reach out to the experts at Simplus today.


Chris GardnerChris is a Salesforce Consultant and Developer with Simplus. He is an experienced leader with a focus on implementation, best practice consulting, and marketing. Chris has over ten years of experience in consulting for small to large businesses. He fosters healthy client relationships from initial engagement through handoff. Chris is skilled in turning client requirements into actionable system designs and following best practices to implement and optimize Salesforce solutions.


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