How Oracle CPQ is the keystone of business system integration

To describe the importance of something, people often use the keystone in an arch metaphor. The keystone is the central stone of the arch, and if that stone is removed, the arch crumbles. Thinking about your business processes might lead you to several keystone systems: functions that you must have for your company to work properly. You probably have one for each business function. You might think of accounting software for your accounting team, or your CRM to enable sales, or any other number of necessary systems. Amongst all these necessities, you might not consider CPQ a keystone system at first glance, but it can turn into such as it integrates with systems like your CRM and ERP, as well as other important functions like your web services or e-signature platform. Integrating your Oracle CPQ instance closes the gaps between important business functions to become a keystone system for your entire company’s success.


CRM and e-signature integration

CRM integration with Oracle CPQ isn’t much of a stretch. Your CPQ helps you configure your product offering, give it 100% up-to-date and accurate pricing, and then deliver that quote to a customer. “Customer” is the C in CRM, so the path makes sense. The great thing about integrating CPQ with CRM is that you have confidence that both the product being offered and the customer data you’re delivering that product to are both correct. Where you start to enter keystone territory is how your salespeople won’t even notice that they’ve transitioned from the CRM to the CPQ system in offering the quote. Your sales reps will be able to trust that the data is correct every time. And, once that quote is delivered, Oracle CPQ can be integrated with your e-signature provider to deliver that quote or contract so your customer doesn’t have to break a sweat in signing.


ERP and web service integration

Enterprise resource planning is one of the more complex systems you might be relying on for your business data, and it varies wildly from one company to the next. But while your ERP might be different, many ERP systems integrate with your inventory and order management, hence the R in ERP being “resource.” Tying Oracle CPQ to your ERP means that quotes and contracts easily and quickly turn into orders, ensuring speed of delivery and accuracy.

Many companies don’t have a specific ERP system, but instead have a home-built web system that manages inventory, pricing of manufacturing materials, employee resources, shipping calculations, provisioning, or any other important collections of data. These web services can be integrated with Oracle CPQ where they are important for the configuration, pricing, and delivery of your quotes.


Oracle CPQ was developed in order to be the keystone system for sales. But by integrating with other systems like your CRM, e-signature, web services, and ERP systems, CPQ can become even better. It can be the central keystone for your entire company, not just one department. There will be less work, more accuracy, and clearly delivered results across all departments.


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