Microsoft Dynamics Migration


Company Overview

Our client is a distributor specializing in medical and chemical equipment. Our client has an in house flexible sales team to compliment the needs of any of their clients. Our client also function as online retailer.

Company Profile

LOCATION: New Jersey, US


INDUSTRY: Distribution 

SOLUTION(S): Sales Cloud, Custom Integration, Custom Quote Solution, Opportunity Management, Migration from Microsoft


•To pull in product information onto a quote in Salesforce and generate a quote from Salesforce

•Separate systems that control quotes and orders

•Their website was used to produce quotes, initiate orders for clients and a legacy system to facilitate orders and inventory management

•A challenge with this phase was bringing in enough information to generate a quote only leveraging their website

•Sales reps wanted to be able to work within Microsoft Outlook and map data into Salesforce


•Customize the Quotes object in Salesforce to handle the needed data points from their website. 

•Created record types for different quotes and different quote templates for each business segment

•Created a web service call-to-talk to their website and pulled in the product info based on part number/manufacture number

•Created approval processes for quotes and workflow alerts

•Improved on the Opportunity sales process



•The sales reps are now able to generate quotes from directly within Salesforce and track the status of a quote to close

•The team is looking at Salesforce IQ for Outlook to help the sales team become more efficient and keep them utilizing Salesforce

•As part of a second phase, a legacy system will be fully retired by Salesforce and they will not longer need to pay for two systems. 

•This will save our client a great deal of money and allow for more expansion of and customization Salesforce.