Provide a stellar customer experience and develop a more profitable business.
Oracle CPQ and Deal Management expert Chris Haussler will teach how deal management solutions fit into your business ecosystem.

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Gartner predicts the CPQ market will continue to grow at a 20% growth rate thru 2020. Integration between CRM, CPQ, and ERP is a natural convergence and will have an impact across the organization. How will you use CPQ and deal management to progress your business and keep it relevant, agile, and profitable in the industry?

During this webinar, CPQ expert Chris Haussler will discuss the following:

  • What is Deal Management?
  • How does it all fit together?
  • What is the impact for different areas of the business?
  • Is your organization ready?
  • How can Oracle and Simplus help?

Chris and Graham will follow up the discussion with a Q&A session. Ask your questions about Deal Management. John Pora, VP Simplus Professional Services will attend to answer your adoption questions.

Meet the Speakers

chris-haussler-webinar-speakerChris Haussler
Sr. Principal Product Manager for
Oracle CPQ

Chris joined Oracle in November 2013 as a member of the Big Machines acquisition, where he managed the product roadmap and all aspects of its commercial strategy. Chris has over 11 years’ experience helping customers configure and adopt CPQ Cloud.

Graham Mclnnes
Senior Product Strategist CPQ
at Oracle

Graham is the Senior Product Strategist CPQ and loves to help customers be more efficient, productive and profitable by providing strategic business solutions that solve real pain points.

John Pora
VP, Professional Services
at Simplus

John is an accomplished business leader with more than 20 years of experience in developing and maintaining rigorous deployment and customer service practices.