If your customers are not satisfied, they are not going to remain customers for long.  To provide the best possible customer experience, companies need a powerful, flexible solution that can be easily adapted to meet changing business scenarios. Salesforce.com’s Service Cloud is the answer

The salesforce.com Service Cloud is a scalable, web based total customer service management solution that works equally well in supporting on site and remote workforces.  Salesforce.com can help you reduce handle and follow-up time while ensuring that customer issues don’t "fall through the cracks."

The Service Cloud enables customer service teams to quickly prioritize, collaborate on, and resolve both internal and external inquiries quickly and efficiently, while providing robust metrics to allow management to ensure that everything is running smoothly.  Key benefits of the Service Cloud are:

  • Scalable infrastructure - Additional seats can be quickly added to support your growing business without the need for significant hardware purchases.
  • Automated assignment and escalation rules ensure that issues are routed appropriately.
  • Integrated knowledgebase capabilities allow sharing of information
  • In conjunction with Sales Cloud, allows your employees to see a 360 degree view of customer interactions
  • Integration with phone and VOIP systems to reduce call handling time
  • Availability of self-service options to assist in call diversion efforts.

CRM Manager’s Service Cloud solution can incorporate both standard and custom functionality to help make your business successful including;

  • Issue Management – Quickly enter, classify and route customer issues to the appropriate employees for resolution.
  • Email Integration - Process emails directly in salesforce.com, reducing handle time and effort.
  • Back Office Integration – Integrate with existing systems to allow agents to quickly access customer data, such as warranty or billing information.  Or perhaps give your employees the ability to order replacement products for a customer without the necessity to train them on ERP systems.
  • Phone/VOIP Integration – Robust TAPI integration allows salesforce.com to talk directly to your phone system to take advantage of features like real time customer lookup and predictive dialing.
  • Workflow Automation - Quickly build call scripting using the Visual Workflow tool or leverage the power of VisualForce to build a custom workflow routing tool.
  • Self-Service - Salesforce.com offers a variety of tools to help your customers’ better help themselves, reducing your support costs while simultaneously improving response time.
  • Live Chat/Social Media - Your customers can interact with support agents over the web using LiveChat, integrated seamlessly into salesforce.  Monitor and create cases directly from Twitter and Facebook as well.
  • Reporting & Dashboards - Provide your service teams with concise snapshots of real-time information so they can manage their goals and results:  average handle time, number of open issues, types of cases, etc.
  • Collaboration - Chatter brings instant collaboration and cooperation to your team by keeping everyone informed about accounts, proposals, support cases and more.  Plus, leverage the power of Case Team functionality to quickly designate groups of employees to resolve important issues.
  • Content Library – Create, catalog and store presentations, user manuals, important documents and more for easy retrieval and distribution to your customers, with the option to verify that the document has been read.
  • Mobile – Create a virtual office anywhere on your mobile device! Log calls, respond to issues, review reports and collaborate using Chatter. Productivity soars by always being in touch.
  • AppExchange – An online marketplace for over 1,000 applications and services designed for compatibility with the Sales Cloud to enhance your sales success.


For more information on how to increase productivity and reduce costs, contact us to set up a review with one of our salesforce.com Certified Service Cloud Consultants.

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