What is Chatter?

Chatter is real time collaboration making it easy to share files, connect with co-workers and access information quickly. Chatter is completely private and secure offering real solutions in real time.


What is Chatter Launch?

Chatter Launch is a roll out plan to help your organization take advantage of the Collaboration Cloud. Our Certified consultants will work with key stakeholders to design a customized approach to leverage the power of Chatter for your company.

Top Ten Ways Companies are using Chatter

  1. Connect with Product Experts
  2. Replace email distribution lists
  3. Manage team projects
  4. Share important info with coworkers
  5. Brainstorm marketing ideas
  6. Solve customer issues
  7. Discuss confidential topics
  8. Easily share large files
  9. Prepare for presentations
  10. Collaborate with remote employees

Customer Snapshots/ Chatter Launch

HealthCare/Life Sciences - Diagnostics

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