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Managed Services Plan

The Managed Services Plan (MSP) is an ongoing service plan to ensure that you fully leverage the vast array of features, updates, AppExchange products, integration opportunities, and flexibility of the platform to optimize your return on investment in Salesforce.


Through our CRM manager MSP, we get to know our client's businesses and offer a complete consulting, support and process enhancement solution.  Our MSP program provides each client with an annual scorecard, allowing them to gauge and strategically track their Salesforce potential.  We plan Salesforce deliverables that align with our client’s company goals for the year and consistently make our clients aware of new features and functions available to them. By offering a total consulting and support plan, we become the long term trusted business partner for each Salesforce Client.

Benefits of our Managed Services Plan include:

  • Access to our staff of Salesforce certified professionals
  • Extending your return on investment
  • Flexible and cost effective solutions
  • Ongoing coordination of priorities, issues, and enhancements
  • Ready access to our experienced team of Salesforce consultants
  • Increased responsiveness to changing business needs

Our Managed Services Plan is more than a block of hours.  We get to know our client's businesses and offer them a complete support and process enhancement solution.   
By offering a complete total support plan, we become long-term trusted business partners with our clients.



Learn more about why our Managed Services Plan is right for your business.