Gamification - What is it?

Gamification, no it’s not the stuff that turned Bruce Banner into The Hulk.  It is most often defined as the use of gameplay mechanics for non-game applications The term also suggests the process of using game thinking to solve problems and engage audiences.   Although the word Gamification is relatively new, the concept has been around for decades and is now making its way into the business world.  Gamification, in the business sense, aims to engage your team to drive them though the use of competition with the ultimate goal of producing better results.lightbulb Leverage Gamification with is an extremely powerful tool all by itself but there are often hurdles we must overcome to get the most out of it.  User adoption and incomplete records are the two key factors that hinder the success of our orgs.  So, how do we overcome these obstacles?  One option is Gamification.  Create competitions & games around your users completing records and recording data in Salesforce.  After all, if we are not using Salesforce to its full potential we are essentially throwing money out the window.

So now you know what it is and how it can be used, the question is…do you need it?  Well, do you want to drive sales?  Increase user adoption in your org? What about increasing your team’s productivity?  What if we could accomplish all of the above with one application?

An example of a great Gamification application is Compete by LevelEleven

Take Compete, an application by LevelEleven, for example.  It provides a 5-step wizard to coach you through the process of building out a high impact competition, and launches real-time leaderboards in Salesforce, on TV’s in your office, and on mobile devices. It is a great tool to create energy around key sales behaviors through the use of competition. When using an application like Compete, clients can experience significant increases in key sales behaviors that lead to revenue growth, such as booking more meetings, taking new products to market, and closing sales by effectively tapping into salespeople’s competitive nature.

Motivation plays a key role in producing quality work.  Compete by LevelEleven allows you and your team to stay motivated and generate results.  Scrap the old fashion sales contest managed off spreadsheets, whiteboards and basic Salesforce reports and leverage your current instance to get real-time metrics of how your team is performing.  Compete also allows you and your team to collaborate and stay in touch on what is happening within the organization.