Bringing Email and Salesforce Together


Do you find yourself working in Gmail or Outlook? And have you discovered the frequent need to switch between your email application and Salesforce?  Well, there’s a solution for that! In fact, there are multiple solutions for that. In this blog we will focus our attention on a product called Cirrus Insight.  This tool offers a broad range of functionality and also provides a very user-friendly interface. At CRM manager, our team uses this tool for our day-to-day operations and we believe that Cirrus Insight is a valuable asset to any organization.

Cirrus Insight integrates Gmail as well as Outlook, Outlook 365, iPhone/iPad and Android. Yes, it also works on mobile! Cirrus Insight offers an analytics tool to track email analytics, as well as integrates with Chatter (this is a free package that you can install with the Cirrus Insight service). In terms of plans, there are two plans to choose from: the Start Plan, which is around $19 per month, or the Closer Plan, which is $29 a month. Cirrus offers a 14-day free trial, as well. Now that we’ve discussed Cirrus at a high level, let’s now dive into the features. 

One of the features that I find most useful is the instant look up of Salesforce leads and contacts from within your inbox. You can instantly gain access to the lead or contact from the email you receive and edit the record, all from right within your inbox. Cirrus Insight will sync outgoing emails from your email client to Salesforce, and you can selectively sync received emails to Salesforce. Another powerful feature is the calendar sync between Cirrus Insight and Salesforce. The ability to schedule events directly from Outlook or Gmail and sync it up to Salesforce comes in handy. You can also leverage Salesforce email templates and merge fields in your emails without the extra step of accessing Salesforce. This can be very useful when trying to personalize your emails. Cirrus Insight will also allow you to create records from your mail client on the fly.

Overall, this tool is designed to make your day-to-day more efficient and productive. To learn more about Cirrus Insight and how CRM manager can get you started, please contact us today!