Summer 13' Salesforce Updates

One of the biggest benefits of a cloud based CRM like is the ability to receive over the air updates, bringing you the newest features and significant changes. The Summer ’13 release of is right around the corner, and here at CRM Manager we would like to keep you informed on what to expect. Here are our take away points, so you don’t have to scour through 280 pages of release notes. Enjoy! Sales Cloud Changes

  • Add 50 contacts to an Activity, up from 10
  • Forecast on Quantity in addition to Revenue
  • Opportunity Splits introduced. Opportunities can have revenue splits to provide credit to team members who are directly responsible for revenue that an opportunity generates.
  • There is also Overlay Splits to provide credit to team members who work on an opportunity but aren’t directly responsible for generated revenue.
  • Price Books can now be customized! Along with this there is now a Price books tab and a new feature to archive old Price Books

Task Management

  • Publisher Actions will be replacing Chatter Tasks
  • Users no longer see an option to create tasks at the top of a record detail page unless you re-create it using the publisher actions feature
  • Feed items are no longer generated for tasks unless you use the publisher actions feature
  • The Tasks in Feeds settings (on the Chatter Settings page) are no longer available
  • You can change and add fields on the Task Publisher


  • Introduction of Salesforce Communities. Salesforce Communities are public or private, branded spaces for your employees, customers, and partners to connect. Each community includes two associated sites, a Sites and a site
  • Publisher Actions let users do more in Chatter, like create records directly in the feed. There are two general types of actions: create actions and custom actions
  • Feed tracking for related records
  • Introduction of Chatter Topics. Add topics to posts to associate them with other posts on the same subject and to increase their visibility. Trending topics have also been added
  • Feed search has been expanded to include more contexts, and you can now search a user’s profile, a record, in a public or private group (if you’re a member), and other Chatter and Home tabs


  • SFDC Touch now available for all orgs
  • Touch enhancements. Added Salesforce Communities, Campaigns and Contracts.
  • Twitter Integration
  • Dashboards available for Touch on iPhones