Salesforce Service Cloud Innovation Award 2017

We are excited to announce that CRM Manager has been nominated for the 2017 Salesforce Consulting Partner Innovation Award with our productivity in a Salesforce Service Cloud solution!

CRM manager is proud to be a Salesforce Ventures Consulting Partner

CRM manager is proud to be a Salesforce Ventures Consulting Partner

Every year at Dreamforce, Salesforce honors and celebrates successful projects that exemplify unique Salesforce solutions created and customized by consulting partners.


Our nominated project was constructed with the customer’s exact business requirements in mind. Prior to our execution, our client with 500+ employees, was utilizing a homegrown call monitoring solution that wasn’t living up to the industry standards. Their ability to log cases was confusing and inefficient. Stakeholders were not being notified when needed and internal communication was slow. But our team of senior consultants were able to apply their understanding of business process and solutions to implement a customized Salesforce Service Cloud solution which made an immediate impact.


One of the most customized solutions that we implemented was the idea of "ReaderBoards". Readerbaords were a mechanism in the call center for managers and agents to have a live look at Cases against Service Level Agreements (SLAs).  TVs were setup around the call center to display live Case information by product team.  The ”ReaderBoards” listed open cases with high-level case details and time remaining to meet the SLA. This allowed all individuals in the call center to quickly view the ReaderBoard and clearly see which cases were outstanding or had a high priority. 

This was not an out-of-the-box Service Cloud solution, but one that was innovative, award worthy and a true representation of the power of Salesforce. Our 100% certified Salesforce team labored long hours over this project and we are proud to have put the CRM manager seal of approval on!

Our quantitative results were as followed:

  • First call resolution increased from 10% to 35%
  • The age of a case was shortened by 20% on average
  • Total time to case resolution is down 13% on average


We in the data industry understand that numbers never lie! Our client was thrilled with the implementation and quickly aligned their future projects with us.  Salesforce Service Cloud is ranked second among Salesforce products, and with the new adoption of the Salesforce Lightning Experience, these two products together are going to revolutionize customer service.


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