The Imperative: Proper Salesforce Training from the Get-go

In an age full of technological advancements, ever changing business ideas and solutions that make these ideas a reality, one thing remains a constant; is the world’s largest growing on-demand CRM system in the world. For companies that seek a competitive advantage, Salesforce has proven time and time again that utilizing their application properly can move firms from the middle of the pack to a leader in their industry. If you’re one of those firms looking to find a way to help separate your team from the pack, can be that catalyst; but it is imperative that you receive the proper training if you want to really see a return on your investment. images training

Over the past 9 years, CRM manager has assisted thousands of companies in achieving their goal of implementing and utilizing to make new business concepts and direction, a reality. During that time, we’ve had our fair share of companies whom have contacted us because their initial implementation was not up to par with what they had expected, not being able to ensure that their employees would use the new and exciting application, and some whom acquired the application, but did not know where to start. When a company is willing to place their money in a solution that they hope can bring them to the next level, one thing has not changed: You, and your team, need the proper training to ensure that you can deploy, understand, and utilize the application to its fullest potential. Be that, Technical training, for Administrators or Developers, End-User training, for your Sales, Service, and Marketing folks, or Custom Curriculum, for training particular to your specific implementation and Salesforce instance, receiving the right training is step #1. The million-dollar question right now is “How can I tell which firm I should work with in training my team and myself?” Lucky for you, I have listed a few of the key factors in helping choose the proper training program.


v Certified Training Instructors with real life experience – Experience = Knowledge

v  Ramp up Speed – the ability to train the team and yourself faster than training them yourself.

v Workbooks of the training information sent to you for use after the training

v The ability to review any online training information you received during training, after the training has been completed


No matter the size, shape, or make up of your firm, receiving the correct training from the Get-go is your most crucial priority. No matter the bells or whistles, the enhancements or newest solutions, understanding and applying the best practices will guarantee that you’re up and running, way ahead of the pack, immediately.

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