Salesforce Tip - Data Quality

Whether you’re brand new to using Salesforce, or you’re a seasoned vet, these data quality tips are right up your alley: Validation Rules: Validation Rules are items which fire when you click the Save button. They are very beneficial to make sure certain business rules are followed, such as requiring at least a phone number or email address to save a Lead. Validation Rules use formulas just like a Workflow Rule or formula field, and when the rule evaluates to true it will display a custom error message of your choosingTIP

Mass Update Addresses: This is a handy tool located at Setup > Data Management > Mass Update Addresses. This allows you to use the standard Salesforce address fields (and thus retain all the built in functionality for it) while still allowing you to enforce a naming convention for your Country and State/Province fields. It is best to update the Country first to ensure consistency for country names on records with state/province fields. Note: Mass Update Addresses will not search for blank fields, you will need to export a report in Excel and reimport it.

Opportunity Naming Conventions: You can avoid duplicate Opportunities easiest by including the Account Name in the Opportunity Name. To save time you can setup a Workflow Rule that will update the Opportunity Name field by concatenating the Account Name and Opportunity Name.


Please contact CRM Manager for other suggestions on managing data quality or to help with any of the above.