5 Ways a Business can use Salesforce Communities


With the Summer ’13 release, Salesforce communities are now Generally Available.  The easiest way to think of a Salesforce community is a combination of Portals and download imageChatter with more branding options and integration with Site.com.

The increased functionality and customization of communities, allows you to expand their use far beyond portals all the while maintaining the look and feel of your brand.  What are some ways a Salesforce community can be put to work for you?

1) Customer FAQ/Support:  Build a customer community that allows users to access Chatter, Knowledge, Ideas and Solutions.  Your community of customers will be able to self service as well rank solutions to common problems.  Your support staff will be able to easily interact with your customers providing support.

2) Sales Community:  Create a community that allows distributors, resellers, and suppliers to collaborate on leads and opportunities.  Bring together all the people necessary to cultivate leads and close deals.  You control access and moderate the community, quickly identifying breaks in the supply chain and sales process.

3)Company Intranet:  Create an internal community for your employees that replaces the tradition company intranet.  User chatter to keep department connects, reports and dashboards to relay important goals and metrics and store and distribute documents.

4) Outsourced Employees:  Create a community for outsourced employees.  Enable security and sharing rules to allow access to only those objects and records you want them to see while still allowing interaction with your internal company employees.

5) Marketing:  Create a marketing community that allows outside marketing specialists to create and track campaigns, allows an internal or external call center to receive and input leads from calls related to that campaign and finally allows an internal sales team to access those leads and turn them into opportunities and deals.  Management will have a 360 view of marketing effectiveness while maintaining system security.

The possibilities are endless and can be completely tailored to your business needs.

For more information on implementing salesforce communities or additional salesforce training please contact CRM manager