Be a Salesforce Admin Superstar!

Ever get a complicated report request? Or need to hunt down why something on a page layout was changed? Is your call center in chaos because customer service reps aren’t gathering the right information? Salesforce Admins get bombarded with questions and requests all day long; some are quick and easy and some dare I say, you need a developer for! BUT, keep the following in mind and you’d be surprised how much you can get done inside Salesforce with just a few clicks! Historical Trend Reporting

Every Sales Manager wants to manage his/her pipeline. One of the best ways to do tsuperstarhis is to see changes in it over time: see what’s gotten better or even see what’s gotten worse. The Historical Trend Reporting feature in Salesforce does just that. Pick up to five dates to compare to today and see all of your pipeline information side by side. They even highlight uptrends (green) and downtrends (red) for you! You’ll be the Sales Manager’s best friend if you show up with this report in hand.

View Setup Audit Trail

One of my favorite features in Salesforce is to find out “who dun it!” How many users in your org are set up as System Administrators and, therefore, have the ability to change the configuration of your org? How many times have you received an “issue” only to realize someone has changed something in your system? So, you ask, who did it? And why? Well, wonder no more! Just use the View Setup Audit trail built into Salesforce and you can find every change made to your configuration in the past 6 months, who did it and when. No more mysteries!

Visual Workflow

So everyone has heard of this, but what is it? Let’s say you have a call center and you want to ensure that the reps in that call center are asking the right questions and gathering the right information based on the customer’s issue. Depending on what they enter, maybe a case is created or maybe an update to a contact record or asset. Visual Workflow takes care of all of this for you – without code! You can set up a visual flow of questions for your reps to ask, allow places for them to enter the responses and prompt further questions based on those responses. You can even trigger create and edit actions from the flow!