Salesforce User Adoption - Let's get them to use Chatter!

Sometimes getting users to adopt to a new concept or routine is hard when introducing new software.  Salesforce has many features that can help your company come together.  One area that seems to be always the hardest for users to adopt is Chatter.  Chatter can be such a useful area to spread the word of good news, ask questions or even to have fun.  But users tend to be scared of the concept of posting something for the whole company to see.  Let’s get them using Chatter. It has to start at the top.  Users tend to follow leaders.  If a manager posts something engaging then users tend to want to respond.  I always tell my clients if the CEO does it, so will everyone else.  Who does everyone want to be like?  Someone always has to start the clapping in the audience and that person always turns out to be a leader.  If the leader thinks it is a good idea, users will start to think about it and be curious.  Everyone likes a good idea especially from someone they look up to.  Post need to start from the top, the users with the most influence, but what they post will also help drive adoption.

So setting the tune for posts on Chatter are have to be considered.  In a company setting, who wants to see posts about your break-up over the weekend?  Save those posts for Facebook or Twitter.  What gets posted on Chatter should depend on the culture of the company.  Small companies will post more personal information like golf outings or races that their employees have done.  Larger companies may stay more towards business related posts such as winning new deals, promotions or questions about the software they are using.  These posts tend to get a conversation started.  Big or small, getting your users to start posting to Chatter maybe a challenging but making it a means of communication will help push towards the end goal.

Recently when I started a new project, the project manager told the team that we will be using Chatter as a means of communication and that email was highly discouraged.  She explained emails get lost or deleted and then there is always the possibility of forgetting to add a key person.  Chatter allows for everyone to see the post.  So we created a new user group and ran the project from there.  Our posts ranged from updates on the project to questions about functionality. We were able to invite other users in for feedback as needed.   Everyone knew what was going on and most important, communication was open.

Chatter is a great means of communication.  It can disseminate information across the company in a matter of minutes.  Chatter desktop allows the users to get notification of posts immediately.  The hardest part is getting users to adopt to the concept.  Chatter posts need to start from the top or the most influential users in the company.  Setting the tune and what to except is also has to start from the top.  Users tend to follow.  So if a project manager sets the means of communication through chatter then everyone on the project will follow.  Adopting Chatter into your business environment maybe a great way to bring your company together.  Here at CRM Manager, we use Chatter as a means of communication and we would be happy to help you get your company started.