Salesforce Summer '17 Release - Lightning Updates

With the Summer ‘17 Release(preview) (May 5 - June 10, 2017), there are a number of added features that facilitate Duplicate Management administration to help protect your company’s reputation, keep your data clean, and make sales reps more successful.


·       Duplicate Management Setup Items Consolidated under the Duplicate Management

To streamline administration in Lightning, the Setup items Duplicate Error Logs, Duplicate Rules, and Matching Rules are now grouped under Administer | Data Management | Duplicate Management.   Previously, in Lightning, these items were found under Feature Settings |

·       Duplicate Detection Added Across Objects

With Summer ‘17 release, new standard duplicate rules make it simpler to detect contacts and leads that duplicate each other.    

Previously, you could surface only duplicates on the same object.  This change applies to Lightning Experience only.

·       Better Duplicate Alerts Added to Surface for Potential Duplicates Component

In Lightning Experience, you can use the Potential Duplicates component to surface potential duplicates that span objects.  Salesforce “surface” adds a layer of information on each screen, streamlining processes and making workflows more effective. 

With Summer ’17 release, Salesforce has streamlined surface duplicate alerts when reps create or edit records in Lightning Experience.

The Potential Duplicates component displays messages on record home pages. 


Clicking View Duplicates shows that the lead record is duplicated by one other lead—plus one contact.  A rep who has permission to merge duplicates can merge records for the same object.


·       Handle Potential Duplicates More Easily in Lightning Experience

When a sales rep is creating or editing a record in Lightning Experience, Salesforce handles duplicates a little differently depending on your duplicate rules. You can alert sales reps that they’re creating a duplicate or block new duplicates altogether. In Lightning Experience, the new, streamlined flow is less repetitive, and completing the process requires fewer clicks.

Suppose that a sales rep starts creating a record, entering a phone number that matches a phone number already in Salesforce.  Salesforce shows a message with a link. The rep can save the new record or click View Duplicates to see the existing records.

In this example, the new record duplicates two leads and a contact (1), and Lightning Experience displays the new default customizable alert (2).


If you block sales reps from creating duplicates instead of alerting them, a sales rep can click to view duplicates but can’t save a new one.



·       New Duplicate Alert in Lightning Experience, Salesforce Classic, and Salesforce1

If you customized the duplicate alert message before Summer ’17, the message isn’t changed. Otherwise, Salesforce displays the new customizable alert, “Use one of these records?” & the part of the duplicate alert message that wasn’t previously customizable—“Did you mean one of these records?”— has been removed.

Last but not least, Summer ’17 introduces Duplicate Management improvements to the Data Import Wizard:

·       The Handling of Errors During Import Using Data Import Wizard Has Been Improved

Previously, when you imported a CSV file with an invalid value, the row was imported, but the invalid field was dropped and you were not notified of the error. Now the row does not import and the error shows on the import notification email as failed. Also, when your file contained duplicate rows, those rows did not import but you were not alerted to the error. Now duplicate rows show as rejected on the import notification email.

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