Swap Out Your Apex for the Salesforce Process Builder


With the Spring 15 release of Salesforce we were introduced to the Process Builder, a new tool from Salesforce that has drastically increased the power of Admins. Although the tool had a couple of bugs and issues upon arrival, over the last two releases the Salesforce Process Builder has become much more reliable. These recent improvements to the Process Builder have made the life of an Admin much easier. The Salesforce Process Builder is a sophisticated workflow builder that can accomplish tasks that were previously unattainable without writing Apex. This relatively new tool cuts down the time it takes to code, test, and deploy solutions to your org, and the best part is - YOU DON’T NEED TO CODE! The interface is similar to that of the Flow capability in Salesforce and is extremely easy to use… If you’ve built a workflow rule in Salesforce, you’ll feel right at home with the Process Builder.

If we take a look at the functions of the Salesforce Process Builder you’ll see that those simple database tasks that were not possible with workflows are now easily attainable.


  • Call an Apex class
  • Create a record
  • Email Alerts
  • Launch a flow
  • Post to Chatter
  • Initiate Quick Actions
  • Submit Approvals
  • Update Records

Lets take a look at a few Real World use cases:

  1. Closing an Opportunity may be the last step in the Sales process but it is also the first step for other departments in the organization. Lets say that Operations needs to create a service contract when the sales team closes a deal. Now that we have the Salesforce Process Builder, we can create a process that automatically generates the contract and assigns values based on the Opportunity itself or records associated to the Opportunity. Voila, a few minutes in the process builder just accomplished what would take a few hours to code.
  2. salesforce-process-builder
  3. Bundling Products is a common request in Salesforce and the only way to accomplish this in the past was to write lines and lines of code with all of the different combinations. Again, with the Salesforce Process Builder we can now accomplish this with clicks not code. This process is a little more complex but essentially all we need to do in this case would be to build a process that creates Opportunity Line Items when a specific product is added. Once we define the criteria of the bundle, we can add the rest of the bundle products in the create step and specify our price and quantity.

In summary, the Salesforce Process Builder is an excellent means to quickly build and deploy powerful, complex solutions to your org without the need to sift through lines and lines of code.

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