Salesforce Mobile

As the “bring-your-own-device” (BYOD) trend continues to advance, and mobile technology becomes more efficient both in price and power, it is becoming ever important for companies large and small to take advantage of mobile. Salesforce has expanded its SaaS solution onto the mobile platform helping companies quickly scale according to their needs while preserving security, data integrity, and budget. What once was an expensive and time-consuming endeavor, can now be accomplished within a fraction of the time and price. Salesforce Touch, the newest product offering from Salesforce in the mobile space promises to bring a more mobile-friendly interface to the conventional CRM solutions. While still in beta, we continue to see the advancement of the application with every new release.

If a custom solution is what you require, we can help you develop a custom application by leveraging the platform. Native applications can be built for iOS or Andriod devices or we can incorporating HTML5 technology to quickly scale applications to a wide variety of mobile devices. This allows you to enable support and production staff with mobile capabilities as well as the sales teams.

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