Salesforce Lightning Duplicate Management Alerts

Salesforce continues to improve native capabilities to help address issues surrounding duplicate records and with the Lightning Experience, their initiative focuses on putting simple solutions right in the hands of the users.  

In Lightning, duplicate rules help users detect and display found duplicates. Permissions help designate who can merge those duplicates.

With duplicate rules, duplicates are detected in two situations:

·       On Save - When a user tries to save a record identified as a possible duplicate, Lightning will alert on (1) how many possible duplicates were found and the list of possible duplicates (3).  If the duplicate rule includes an alert, it appears above the system-generated message (2).

·       View – When a user views a record for which duplicates exist, Lightning alerts on record home pages using the potential duplicates card format (1) or toast message (2) or both.  (To use these capabilities make sure you add the Potential Duplicates component – Setup / Lightning App Builder / Potential Duplicates component).

When the user selects to view duplicates, they see a report.  From here, a user with merge permissions can choose correct values for each field and merge records on the same object.  

·       Create - In addition to the customizable alerts associated with duplicate rules, alerts also appears when creating a record. The alert includes the number of potential duplicates. (This number includes only the records the user has access to).

Salesforce is doing an excellent job improving duplicate management capabilities.  Make sure you setup custom duplicate management report types for comprehensive reports of all duplicates.  


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