Salesforce Communities and the Lightning Experience Highlighted in Spring ‘16 Release


Salesforce releases three updates per year: winter, spring and summer. The past few updates have been heavily focused on the new Lightning Experience and the Spring ’16 release will be no different. There are some great new features coming to Spring ‘16 for both the Lightning Experience and Communities. Something to keep in mind with some of these new features is that some will require administrator set up whereas some features will be enabled for all users upon the release. Let’s take a look at some of what is to be expected. What are the cool new features of the Lightning Experience?

  • Person Accounts will be supported in the Lightning Experience. This is going to be a Beta roll out. This feature will have known limitations upon release. Those limitations can be found here.
  • When Salesforce sends email items that it couldn’t assign to records to the Unresolved Items queue, reps can manage those items directly from Lightning Experience. Unresolved Items help reps manage items they’ve added to Salesforce using the Salesforce App for Outlook, Exchange Sync, Salesforce for Outlook, or Email to Salesforce.
  • The View All button, which lets users see up to 20 insights on a single page, has been changed to See More News. Also a cool feature that has been added is the ability to scroll through the insights without leaving the account page. Users are now able to provide feedback on individual insights, as well. Certain features have been added to the Lightning Experience, which include new feed back options. Those feedback options include More Like This, Fewer Like This and Report This Insight. A detailed explanation for each of those new options can be found here.
  • Customer Service Tools have been added to the Lightning Experience. This means users can now access Assets, Emails in Case feeds, and Work Orders through the Lightning interface.
  • Analytic enhancements have been made to the Lightning Experience. One big improvement includes the improvements to the Reports and Dashboards home pages. The home page has been redesigned to allow users the ability to use new folder filters including Created by Me and Shared with Me. Additionally, users can now identify which Report is which with the description field and last but not least, users now have the ability to Run, Edit and Delete Reports and Dashboards from list views.
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Another large area of focus with this release is Communities. A ton of features have been added in Spring ‘16 including better customization of templates, more options for displaying data, and easier management of Community pages. Chatter lightning components are also available in Communities, now allowing users to have access to full Chatter capabilities.

Lets look at some new features for Salesforce Communities:

  • Enabling Groups: This feature is great because it will allow for more collaboration in your community and allows for guest users who are not even logged in to browse through groups.
  • This one ties into the Lightning Experience but is a huge addition to Communities: The Lightning File Preview Player has been added to Communities. This feature was added in the Winter ‘16 release, however its been bumped up a notch with the added ability to view multiple files in the preview player.
  • Another great feature is the ability to attach multiple files to a single post. This will allow users to attach multiple files in the feed publisher, multiple thumbnails in the feed, and page through multiple files in the new file previewer.
  • Communities have now integrated with Wave adding the ability to securely share Wave Analytics with Community Partners and Customers.
  • Two-Factor Authentication for Communities has now been streamlined. As an admin, you can now use login flows to change the user’s session security level to initiate identity identification using specific conditions. Profile policies and session settings can now be used to require community members to complete two-factor authentication when they log in. In the past this had to be done with custom login flows.

For a complete list of all the new features coming Spring 2016 (including more detail on Salesforce Communities and the Lightning Experience), please refer to the Salesforce Spring 16 Release Notes.

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