The 5 most important steps to build user adoption

The day has come, with all of its cloud capabilities is ready to launch but is your team ready?  One of biggest factors in successful utilization of is management commitment.  This could mean anything form basic pipeline management to a very robust and integrated process, but without 100% commitment from your management team, user adoption could be slow.  What are your requirements for sales reviews?  How is each member of your team managing his or her individual pipeline?  

Once you are committed and have identified the new communication process across your organization the following 5 steps will help you build user adoption:

1)    Enforce that all information must be updated in by a specific time (ex: all opportunities by Monday at 9am)

2)    Sales Management must use the application to track activity and effective immediately must not accept other forms of updates (emails, spreadsheets etc)

3)    Run a weekly pipeline meeting with sales reps only utilizing their pipeline application.  If it is not updated, this method will quietly indicate it needs to be

4)    Use the reports and dashboards to communicate across and up the organization

5)    Follow a strict policy – If it is not in it does not exist

Continue to show your team the value by constantly reinforcing the benefits to the system and to their business and not accepting the old ways of doing business.  Quick user adoption is the best way to maximize your immediate ROI.

BlogTyler Wax