announces the Spring 2013 Updates!

This time of year, we all start to wonder what has in strong for their spring 2013 release...wonder no more!   After reviewing all of the updates the follow are interesting highlights that you will find useful for your business.  For additional information on or the Spring 2013 updates give us a call, 610-889-2050. 


  • Tasks associated with individual records will now appear in the chatter feed for that record.
  • You can also create tasks right from the chatter feed for a given record.
  • Chatter notification emails now allow you to reply to like or comment on a chatter post.
  • Users can post to any PUBLIC chatter group even if you aren’t a member
  • Can search in group feeds (either public or private groups you are a member of)



  • Quarterly forecasting is now available
  • Can include opportunities from partner portal in forecast
  • Salesforce for Outlook now contains side panel to show contacts (from Salesforce) for any email selected.  This will also display any opportunities and allow the user to add the email to Salesforce.
  • State and country pick list for consistent data quality. (Beta release)



  • ALL standard and custom apps can be accessed
  • Cases, leads, orders, person accounts and products are now also available
  • Dashboards and visual force tabs are now supported.



  • Prospecting available in over 200 countries
  • Searching by city now available
  • Inactive records can be cleaned