The Chatter train is leaving the station…ALL Aboard!

CRM applications in most organizations are in large part used to manage current and prospective customer interactions by a sales team.  Capturing this data within the CRM records an ongoing narrative the sales team is having with those customers or prospects.  But what if you could leverage the brain power across the entire organization? From marketing, sales, customer service, technical personnel all leveraged to optimize the efficiency of the organization in order to increase market competitiveness or solve a customer’s problem quicker? 

Sales are a team sport - any sales person who has landed that big or strategic account would be lying if they said they did it alone.  Collaboration across an organization is crucial; especially as organizations become more virtual.  Collaborative problem solving using’s Chatter provides a medium for market, customer, and company intelligence to be shared across an entire organization. 

Many organizations have instituted policies against the use of Chatter because it is falsely associated with “social” aspect of collaboration.  To the contrary, Chatter is a collaborative tool used to drive the knowledge base of an entire organization centered around customers, opportunities and solutions.  “Social” networking applications like Facebook and LinkedIn are centered on users.  This misconception is derived from the user-friendly, and social-like interface Chatter employs – an interface most Enterprise software applications dream about! 

Chatter increases collaborative efficiency and reduces email volume.  Daily email volume is interruptive and too often important information is lost or forgotten when reading an email thread.  By using Chatter, you are able to provide more of a structured, complete picture while reducing the use of internal email significantly! 

Let’s face it – we are more connected than ever before, we use collaborative applications in almost every other aspect of our lives – why wouldn’t a more effective means for collaboration be something ever organizations uses?  Chatter is the solution.