Achieve Sales Excellence by Combining Salesforce with Other Data Sources

Organizations of all sizes are creating massive amounts of data at a rapidly expanding rate. And that is especially true in sales and marketing organizations where numerous activities happen daily such as marketing email campaigns, online advertising, print advertising, trade shows, client meetings, conference calls, creating quotes, tracking pipeline…the list goes on and on. BirstdatasourcesIf you want to be a top performing company, you must have a holistic view of your business. And often to get this holistic view, many companies try to mash together data from numerous databases (CRM, ERP, HCM, HER/EMR, etc.), but this can take days, even weeks, to create meaningful dashboards and reports. Often, since there is no governance over the various data sources, there are multiple versions of the truth.

That is why more companies are turning to Birst. Birst provides best-practice sales and marketing analytics and deep visual insights that uncover the keys to running a complete sales and marketing organization. Birst can be deployed quickly (within weeks, not months) and across all your data with a pre-built data connector for Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and others. By presenting the information within Salesforce from multiple data sources, companies increase user adoption as users consume the reports and dashboards within Salesforce rather than in their own spreadsheets.

Learn more about how Birst can help your organization achieve sales excellence. If you would like to schedule a private demo of Birst, please contact us.