Predictive Analytics

Ah yes... the start of every day for a sales representative or sales manager starts the same: log into your CRM application, check out your deals at the 90% stage in your pipeline, & update your other deals in the pipeline. Then it hits you… 'Who do I call next? What do I do next? I only have a limited number of hours per day to hit my quota'. You reach for the phone, and start “smiling and dialing”, in no particular order. You bear down and use sheer brute strength to muscle through 50 to 100 dials per day, hoping that at least one person will pick up the phone and have a meaningful conversation with you.

That is a tough way to make a living. Fortunately, for you and the company you work for, predictive analytics is changing sales forever, and helping your company increase top line revenue.'s predictive analytics platform, Neuralytics, provides applied predictive analytics using advanced learning algorithms to analyze your data and provide smart recommendations to improve your sales process by predicting qualified leads. It's like having your own automated business intelligence team!