CRM manager is Lightning Accredited

With the release of Salesforce Lightning in 2014, Salesforce has been pushing their new updated user interface to allow users to engage in an even more customized experience. If you haven’t heard about Salesforce Lightning yet, you will. Salesforce will eventually retire their classic interface, or at least that is what they have eluded to. With the release of Salesforce lightning, Consulting Partners have been going through the motions of becoming, “Lightning Accredited”.

Appexchange BG.png

If you have been on the AppExchange within the past couple of years, you probably have noticed sashes across some of the Consulting Partners. Here at CRM manager we have just completed the necessary amount of Trailhead Super Badges to become Lightning Accredited as part of the new process that Salesforce has rolled out. This means that within the coming weeks, CRM manager will be listed in the AppExchange as Lightning Accredited. Unfortunately with the Winter 18 release, Salesforce will retire their Lightning sashes. With that being said, the AppExchange has added a new filter to show only Lightning Accredited Consulting Partners.





This effort to become Lightning Accredited in such a short period of time, approximately two weeks, truly showcases our determined team of consultants. While working on the Super Badge one of the modules required custom code, which our developers were quick to assist our team with. We are elated to be in a position where CRM manager is agile enough to become Lightning Accredited so quickly after Salesforce changed their accreditation process. As a Consulting Partner, it is imperative that we are able to adjust quickly to products that Salesforce releases to offer as much knowledge as possible to our clients.

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