Ask the Salesforce Experts: Why CRM manager Recommends for Sales Acceleration

Let’s kick this off by discussing what is and how it is used. is a first in the industry as a sales acceleration platform. Many customers that leverage this platform are seeing a 30 percent growth in revenue in as little as 90 days. How it works is simple - seamless integration with CRM. allows you to integrate with Salesforce and gives the ability to customize your calling experience. Another benefit to this is the ability to leverage your company’s marketing automation tools to further the lead qualification experience. 

The platform offers a variety of solutions to provide a unique and engaging user experience. As a Salesforce implementation organization in the Philadelphia area, we've found that some of the best features include sales communication, gamification, email and web tracking, predictive forecasting, opportunity scoring, lead scoring, and prioritization. These solutions are offered in the different plans, which allow you to scale your business as needed. The three solutions are Communicate, Elevate and Accelerate.  We will get into more of the details on each solution later. 

The team at has conducted a study over the past 3 years to provide best practices for lead response management.  With this data they have been able to determine a variety of factors, such as the best day to make contact with a client, the best response time, the best time of day to make contact, and even the most effective call cadence.  Leveraging these best practices along with a multitude of other data, the team has developed a solution that is proven to provide success. 

Below you'll find a layout that shows the different solutions mentioned above (Communicate, Elevate, Accelerate). Our team at CRM manager specializes in implementations in the Philadelphia area and in turn we possess a great deal of experience with each one of these solutions.

The platform is powerful and scalable. No matter what size the organization, this tool can work and we’ve seen it firsthand! For those reasons and the reasons above, the experts at CRM manager highly recommend this tool. If you’d like to learn more about our experience implementing, contact us today