6 Ways to Drive CRM Adoption

1.)     Involve users in functional discussions

Make sure users are able to share the features, workflows, etc. that make sense.  You do not want to implement a solution that takes more time and is more cumbersome than what they are already doing.

2.)     Work with an implementation partner

An implementation partner will do more than just configure and customize the application.  The right implementation partner will take time to understand your business process, help identify an optimum set of configuration and prioritize the business needs as well as make recommendations that will drive the highest rate of return and high user adoption.

3.)     Training

Training users is not a one-time occurrence.  It is important to provide users on-going training and support.  Working with the right implementation partner will help drive adoption.  Many implementation partners have engagement arrangements that will work with your team on an on-going basis extending your ROI.

4.)     Don’t over-implement

Giving users to many features and functionality often leads to frustration and low adoption.  Only give users what they need.  After the users see the benefits of utilizing the application, strategically rollout additional functionality and features.

5.)     Mobility

Sales teams, as well as other team members, are not always behind their desks in a cubicle or in an office.  Today’s reality is nearly everyone has a cache of smart devices at their disposal.  Your team expects to have access to information while they are on the move and access to information that makes them more effective and efficient giving them the ability to win deals.  Make sure your CRM is mobile friendly!

6.)    Centralization

Break down the silos and centralize customer information and/or company information(case studies, marketing material, presentations, etc.).  Make your CRM a centralized place where all stakeholders can access and manage data and information.

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