- the 21st Century Sales Rep's Best Friend

I remember when an old boss of mine told me, “See you young sales reps are spoiled, when I was first starting out, do you know how we found leads? We opened the phone book and began calling from top to bottom, until someone was willing to speak with us.” The difference between now and then is 21st century technology, in particular, is the world’s largest up-to-date, instantly downloadable database of contact and company information. No longer do you need to waste time scouring company websites trying to find the decision makers; no longer do you need to put something on hold to find an old contact’s business card; today it is as easy as searching a Company’s or Contact’s name and drilling down the information until you’ve found what you’re looking for. makes it easier to find pertinent information for real people. Utilizing allows you, or your sales team, to find the proper decision makers, along with their direct line and email address, presenting the opportunity to gain the correct audience. For example, say you’re driving down the highway and see that a new firm has opened an office in your territory; in the past, you would call some colleagues, search the internet, check plenty of other outlets, in an attempt to find someone to speak with. The luxury of is, once you have a little bit of information (company name, website, contact name, etc.) you have the rest sitting right at your fingertips. You can run searches on firms in your territory, firms that amass $1B in annual sales, you can drill down to find only C-Level Executives, or keep an eye out for promotions/new employees.   The beauty of using is that once you’ve found the contact(s) you are looking for, you can instantly download their information, and have that information readily available in your The phrase “time is money” resonates strongly with as you can find, acquire, and contact someone much faster than ever before. Along with cultivating the right people to contact, also offers valuable social insights and boasts a 25% growth in sales.

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