10 Ways Salesforce Community Cloud Transforms Business

According to research from the University of Michigan, customers in communities spend 19 percent more than customers who are not engaged. That alone is a great reason to start building an online community for your customers (if you don’t have one yet). The Salesforce Community Cloud can be transformative across a range of business functions, from generating ideas, to winning new customers and building deeper customer relationships.

In fact, CRM manager just completed an implementation of Salesforce Communities  with a key client. Our client wanted to provide an easier way for their customers to access the information they needed instead of calling and emailing our client’s customer service team. While they still allow customers to call and email them, they created an online Knowledge base where customers could log into and find the information they were looking for. At a time when more and more customers are looking for online self-service options, this was a win-win for both our client and their customers.

In addition to the Knowledge base created in Salesforce Communities, CRM manager also set up Live Chat, as well as the ability for customers to submit cases, and view the status of their cases within the client’s Salesforce Communities. Now all interactions are in one system, which makes it easier to track the status, as well as find the case very quickly if the customer service team needs to reference the case again in the future.

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