Business Beware...Get Social or Get Left Behind

Everyone’s talking about becoming a social enterprise. Articles are being written. Talking heads are sprouting up on TV. Emails are clogging inboxes. Chatter is buzzing. Consider this:

97% of customers identify as “somewhat influenced” to “very influenced” by other customers’ comments about companies (Source: Source: Clickfox “Social Media: An Emerging Customer Service Channel”)


62% of consumers handle service issues with social media (Source:  ClickFox, “Social Media: An Emerging Customer Service Channel” Report)


I could go on and on and on with statistics that will make your head spin about the pervasive use of social media in the business world. But I am not here to convince you. If you need convincing, your business is on the way to joining the same fate as the horse and buggy.


Rather, I am here to provide some insight around becoming a social enterprise. One of the first steps to  becoming a social enterprise is to understand the definition of a social enterprise and how it fits into your overall company vision and structure. recently made available The Little Blue Book of Social Enterprise Transformation, An Essential Guide for Executives. This is a great 35 page free guide that will get you started to becoming a Social Enterprise. Click here to download this little gem, and then thank us on FaceBook, LinkedIn or Twitter. See you soon in the social enterprise!

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