A Little Search May Save the Day

We have all been there.  We have the idea in our head how we want our org to work.  The less clicks the better, create a document from information provided, and help make  better marketing decisions and so on.  None the less, it is what will help make your business grow.  The AppExchange provides a means to customizing your Salesforce org. mag

There are two types of apps hosted on the AppExchange, managed and unmanaged.  Managed apps are great.  These apps are usually for sale and new releases of the app are provided by the creator.  Unmanaged apps are open source, templates that can be used to expand your ideas to make your org what you dream it to be.

Many times, we lean towards the unmanaged apps because, let’s face it, it is free, we can customize it and the installation looks easy.  Normally we take the time to read the one or two reviews that are provided, not realizing the creator can take the negative off.  If a demo video is provided, we watch it.  It looks easy.  It is what we want but we never go the extra step.  The simple step that may take the pain of trying to uninstall the app from your org in the future.

As a developer, I have run into issues.  These issues creep up on us, no one ever thinks of it. So I have been asked to do a deployment from the sandbox but I can’t get it to deploy.  Looking at the inbound changeset, the problem presents itself.  The unmanaged package will not pass code coverage.  There is an error that no one knew about.

Being frustrated, I turn to one thing that seems to solve most of my issues.  I search the web.  I put in the name of the unmanaged app and some key words.  Some of the words I use are Error, Problem, Issues, and so on.  I was not surprised when I got a hit.  There is an issue and several of developers have posted about it.  I have come across posts where the issue is present and there is no solution other than to uninstall the app.

Even though, you can search the AppExchange for the ideal App and there may be reviews, sometimes taking the extra step may save the day.  Look on the web for the app you are about to install.  Put in some of the key words such as issue, problem and error after the name of the app.   Even contacting CRM Manager with your questions and concerns may save the heartache of uninstalling an app that you fell in love with.  We have installed and developed in a wide variety of orgs.  Several times, a simple fix can save the day.  We have several strategic partners that could provide you with the solution you are looking for, let CRM manager guide you.

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