CRM manager and LevelEleven partnering together to engage Sales Teams through

PHILADELPHIA, January 15, 2014 -- CRM manager, LLC a leading implementation, integration, training and consulting partner announced today a new partnership with LevelEleven.  LevelEleven works with VPs of Sales at companies including Comcast, OpenTable, Concur, Marketplace Homes and dozens of others who are looking for ways to engage their teams around key initiatives and drive usage of CRM to better manage their business.

LevelEleven’s lead product, Compete, is an easy-to-use enterprise software tool to create competitions and leaderboards around any behavior that can be tracked in your CRM system. Compete provides a step-by-step configurator to pinpoint the behaviors you want to motivate and create high impact leaderboards that tap into salespeople’s competitive nature. Unlike most enterprise software and gamification applications in the marketplace, Compete is native to, allows clients to be 100% deployed in less than 30 minutes, and surrounds salespeople with leaderboards via web, email, social media and their mobile device.

LevelEleven is based in Detroit, Michigan and is part of the Detroit Venture Partners portfolio of companies.

CRM manager and LevelEleven are excited to work together with CRM manager COO John McCloskey saying “ The LevelEleven tool is a great compliment to many of the implementations we are involved with and provides a simple solution to engage and motivate a sales team.”

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