What Does a CRM Application and Running Shoes Have in Common?

As the story goes, two CEO’s traveled to the wild plains of Africa for a big game hunt.  While eating lunch one day, they were startled by a cheetah which pounced out of the brush, licking his chops and looking at them for his own lunch. Immediately the CEO’s began running for their lives, but the cheetah kept gaining on them.  Suddenly one of the CEO’s took out his running shoes and began putting them on.  The other CEO responded, “Why are you putting on your running shoes?  That won’t help you outrun the cheetah.”  The other CEO smiled and responded, “I don’t have to outrun the cheetah.  I just have to outrun you.”

Just as the CEO in this story used his running shoes to outrun his fellow CEO to stay alive, so can businesses use CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to outrun their competition.

CRM applications like salesforce.com can help businesses of all sizes stay ahead of their competition in many ways.  Here are five advantages of using a cloud based CRM application like salesforce.com*:

1.       Increase Sales by 29%

2.       Increase Deal Size by 29%

3.       Increase Win Rate by 25%

4.       Increase Productivity from Mobile by 30%

5.       Increase Forecast Accuracy by 42%

*Source: Salesforce.com Customer Relationship Survey conducted October-November

2010, by an independent third-party, MarketTools Inc., on 6,000+ customers randomly


Many businesses still run their companies without a CRM application like salesforce.com.  Instead they are using outdated legacy systems or worse yet, Excel spreadsheets to track leads, contacts, accounts, pipeline opportunities and forecasts.

So don’t be like the CEO in our story who tries to outrun his fellow CEO without running shoes.  Rather, invest in a leading CRM application like salesforce.com and put some distance between you and your closest competitor, and keep the cheetah from eating you for lunch.