Are You Making Gut Decisions Instead of Data-Driven Decisions?

This past week I attended the 2015 Birst Forward conference in San Francisco. It was an amazing event, not only from a technology standpoint (their unique 2-Tier Architecture is second to none), but also from hearing the insights and business outcomes that Birst clients were achieving by taking action on the analytics and insights that Birst enabled them to discover. One message that stood out was that the companies using Birst to make data-driven decisions, instead of relying on gut decisions, are running their businesses far more effectively, and out-pacing their competitors!

Companies like Roche, TD Ameritrade, Sunny Delight, Reckitt Benckiser, Renesas, Jive, Elekta, Novartis, Athena Health,, AARP and more all shared incredible examples of how Birst is accelerating their business in numerous ways.

Here are just a few examples:

  • A large global CPG company saved over $1.1 million on transportation costs using Birst
  • The same CPG company increased profits by approving promotions based on profitability
  • Another client reduced contract staffing overhead by almost $200,000 per year
  • A client decreased the work performed by their financial analysts by 50% allowing them to focus on other, more impactful projects

These are all insights that the companies would not have seen or discovered were it not for using Birst.

In addition to the use cases presented by Birst clients at the Birst Forward conference, here are some great quotes I heard to keep in mind during your quest for actionable analytics insight:

Get into a decision mindset, not an access to data mindset.”

Analytics deliver value by enabling decisions, not by providing access to information.”

IT cannot possibly perceive all the end user data and use cases, so provide a tool like Birst to allow business units to analyze and discover their own business data.”

“Ask yourself this when starting an analytics project, If I could see _______, I could do _______.” Fill in the blanks.

“Birst allows companies to ask themselves: What are we doing? How can we do it better?”

If you were not able to attend Birst Forward 2015, I highly suggest that you mark your calendar for next year and plan to attend. It could be the best investment you make; you will come away with actionable insights by learning best practices of how other companies are using Birst to discover their data that is often locked away in legacy systems and database silos.

Can’t wait for next year? Want to see Birst in action now? Then we invite you to download our Birst web demonstration today.

If after watching our web demonstration you would like to schedule a free consultation to discuss how Birst could help you unlock your data and run your business better, contact us.