Salesforce Email Services

Take advantage of a built in automated system created by Salesforce in order to track email data. With Salesforce Email Services, inbound emails are easily tracked and responded to in a fashionable manner. The faster your sales team is able to view new leads or opportunities, the quicker they will reach out to a potential client.

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Marketing Automation- Pardot Spring 17' updates

Engagement studio is a lead nurturing add on that leverages a true intelligence engine of the marketing automation platform.  It is designed to help turn your prospects into marketing qualified leads. This is a huge win for Pardot and provides robust functionality out of an already robust marketing automation platform.  With Spring 17 you will get enhancements such as new reporting options and permissions and update Engage Alerts.

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CRM and the History of Salesforce

Over the past few years, Salesforce has evolved, adapted, and grown with the market. No longer is it only a tool for sales teams to use to manage contacts. It has grown into an enterprise platform, meeting the needs of sales, service, marketing, operations and even execute level employees.

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BlogMatt Geiger
Pledge 1%

CRM manager has pledged to donate 1% of our time to non-profit organizations who have Salesforce and are in need of consulting. CRM manager has also pledged to donate 1% of our profits to a charity of our choice...

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