Life After Salesforce Go-Live

Congratulations on your new Salesforce implementation! The project is formally closed, sign-off is completed, training is done and the system is now live in production. So the big question remains: Now what?

Salesforce Lead Scoring 101

Salesforce lead scoring can be a huge advantage to any organization no matter what the size. It’s an easy way to help qualify leads and determine which leads should be converted.

Planning Ahead for a Salesforce Integration

As companies continue to leverage Salesforce for their business, they are likely going to come across requests from their internal customers to keep all of the business data in one place. By now most corporate employees are aware that web systems can be set up to talk to each other.

CRM and the History of Salesforce

Over the past few years, Salesforce has evolved, adapted, and grown with the market. No longer is it only a tool for sales teams to use to manage contacts. It has grown into an enterprise platform, meeting the needs of sales, service, marketing, operations and even execute level employees.

BlogMatt Geiger
CRM manager Celebrates 10 Years in Business!

Ten years ago, Andy Atkins, Founder and CEO of CRM manager, recognized an opportunity with a quickly growing company, Salesforce. At that time, it was hard to imagine that the world-wide-web would continue to grow until it was universally known as the "internet"...

Social Media - Leveraging your CRM to Maximize Marketing Efforts

Social Media and the mobile environment are rapidly and dramatically blurring the lines of the traditional channels utilized for drawing company awareness and brand recognition. Regardless of your marketing focus, B2B or B2C, and whether you’re promoting hard goods or offering services there are some statistics that you should be aware of.

Pledge 1%

CRM manager has pledged to donate 1% of our time to non-profit organizations who have Salesforce and are in need of consulting. CRM manager has also pledged to donate 1% of our profits to a charity of our choice...

Partner of the Month: SteelBrick

CRM manager is proud to have a partnership with SteelBrick. SteelBrick is dedicated to making selling simple. SteelBrick helps companies accelerate growth by automating quoting, contracting, and billing processes with their Quote-to-Cash product suite.

Blogcrm-manager-admin Customer Testimonials

More and more companies are accelerating their sales and revenues using the platform. This blog posting includes a video and a few compelling statistics showcasing all the has to offer.