CRM manager provides Salesforce training in NYC. With seasoned veterans, we use a cross-team approach as we understand the “how” and “why” of your Salesforce needs. We offer on-site as well as virtual training utilizing experienced trainers certified in Salesforce. We understand that 100% user-adoption of Salesforce is your goal and can be accomplished with user-adoption Salesforce training for everyone in your NYC based organization. We partner with you to integrate, implement, and develop solutions that include the correct approach to Salesforce training and support.

Our training offerings include:

  • Basic Salesforce administrator training
  • Trainers that are familiar with your solution and business environment
  • Flexible training plans that include an End-User or Train-the-Trainer approach
  • Training focused on your specific solution, including any custom business processes
  • Targeted follow-up training using web conferencing
  • New employee training

We also provide ongoing training in NYC through our Managed Services Plan and online training classes. As your business changes, our Managed Services Plan will allow us to support and respond to your needs.

NYC has a thriving economy, excellent universities, and diverse and innovative businesses. With an office in NYC, CRM manager is able to provide Salesforce training across a broad spectrum of industries. We provide our clients with a team of experienced consultants who have first-hand knowledge of business processes. Our team specializes in Salesforce training and, as a Salesforce Ventures Company, we have direct access to Salesforce’s products and technology to assist your NYC business.

Founded in 2005, and supported in our efforts by Salesforce, CRM manager is a leading Salesforce implementation, integration, and customization firm that offers Salesforce training that will increase your user-adoption, thereby improving your overall Salesforce experience. We include tips and best practices to facilitate the Salesforce training, which increases user adoption. We will work together to create the Salesforce training necessary for your corporate environment or your individual needs.

Need Salesforce training in NYC?