CRM manager is a leading Salesforce integration and implementation company with an office near Boston. At CRM manager, we help businesses apply cutting edge, innovative technology solutions that help them to align their business goals accordingly. We apply expanding technology to drive profitability and maximize ROI. Through Salesforce integrations and implementations in Boston, we help companies improve profitability by applying innovative and unique solutions. We’ve built our business through the understanding that one size does not fit all, experience we gained through many Salesforce integrations and implementations in various Boston companies. Over the past 11 years, with over 1500 Salesforce integrations and implementations, we have created a reputation and gained expertise in providing unique solutions. As trusted industry experts near Boston, we strive to understand your business and discover what needs to be done in order for your company to evolve in today’s changing markets.

Boston has a thriving economy, excellent universities, and diverse and innovative businesses. With an office near Boston, CRM manager is able to complete Salesforce integrations across a broad spectrum of industries. We provide our clients with a team of experienced consultants who have first-hand knowledge of business processes. Our team specializes in Salesforce integrations and, as a Salesforce Ventures Company, we have direct access to Salesforce’s products and technology to assist your Boston business.

Founded in 2005, CRM manager is a leading Salesforce integration, implementation and customization firm. We bring value to our clients by understanding their business to energize the way they work.

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