Simplus helped Thomas Scientific with create custom quote objects, workflow alerts, and a call-to-talk service on the Thomas Scientific website.

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At a Glance

The sales team wasn’t able to leverage enough information through the Thomas Scientific online quote and ordering process, so it reached out to Simplus to create a more accurate and efficient way to collect customer information.

Services Provided
  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce CPQ

Thomas Scientific needed better data management:


Separate Systems: Thomas Scientific used two systems for quote and order processing. Its website was used to initiate orders and produce quotes for its clients, and then Epicor was used to facilitate the orders with inventory management. This created disparate information and slowed down deals.

Not Enough Information: Since only the website was used for orders and quotes, it was difficult to leverage enough information on the process from the website in order to make more scalable solutions.

Poor Visibility: The sales reps at Thomas Scientific struggled due to lack of visibility. They wanted to be able to work within Outlook and also map data into Salesforce, which wasn’t possible in Thomas Scientific’s previous system.

The Outcome

Faster, Safer Quote Generation: Thomas Scientific sales reps are now able to generate quotes directly from within Salesforce. They can also easily track the status of a quote to its close.

Better Salesforce Understanding: The Thomas Scientific team is looking at Salesforce IQ for Outlook in order to help the sales team be more efficient and continue the Salesforce legacy.

Cut Down on Costs: Thomas Scientific’s former system, Epicor, is moving into Salesforce and will ultimately be phased out, cutting down on costs and saving Thomas Scientific the time and money to expand Salesforce even more.

About Thomas Scientific

Thomas Scientific provides the latest in equipment and supplies to the scientific community. In accordance with the tradition of the original founders, Thomas Scientific itself offers individualized customer service, innovative scientific equipment, and a comprehensive catalog that offers a wide selection of product listings at a great deal.

Headquarters: Swedesboro, NJ
Industry: Biotechnology