“I know for a fact this is going to be game
changer for our company.”

Colin Anthony | SilencerCo

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At a Glance

SilencerCo was using a combination of manual systems to track contacts, activities and other data. As the company grew, they determined that they needed a complete Sales Cloud and Service Cloud implementation.

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Sales & Service Cloud for Growing Company

SilencerCo had no formal system in place for tracking support tickets and was not able to track any metrics associated with support requests. New support requests were submitted via email and telephone and frequently only tracked on post-it notes.

Customer and prospect data was not being shared between the groups (Sales, Support, and Marketing) since it was stored in various locations. The data associated with purchases made through Shopify was also not easily accessible outside of Shopify.

SilencerCo needed to determine who their top customers were based on Registrations and Shopify purchases and implement a point system, but they had no way to determine the tiers for the reward program. They wanted to be able to incentive and reward their loyal customers with special discounts on accessories/merchandise and invitations to private events.

I know for a fact this is going to be game changer for our company. Our company has grown 100% every year for the last six years; that's why it's so vital that we succeed.

Colin Anthony, VP of Business Development

The Outcome

The Support team needed a formal process implemented to track tickets submitted through various methods. Simplus was able to integrate their Gmail using Ebsta and their phone system using Tenfold. Simplus also implemented Email-to-Case and Web-to-Case and the Service Console to allow the Support team to easily navigate their Cases and the activity associated with each Case.

Simplus developed a Reward Point custom object within Salesforce that awarded points to a customer based on Registrations and Shopify Opportunities. The Reward Points were calculated based on the prefix of the serial number of the suppressor the person registered through the SilencerCo website. Each prefix had a different point value based on the MSRP. Points were also awarded based on the Amount of the Shopify order. The Reward Points were assigned based on these two factors and displayed at the Person Account/Account level. This allowed SilencerCo to identify the tiers they wanted to implement for their reward program.

SilencerCo is now able to track all the tickets submitted to their Support team and identify the specific product the Case is associated to using the Registrations and Shopify Opportunities. Since email and phone have been integrated with Salesforce the Support team do not have to spend time creating cases manually and are easily able to track the resolution in a single location.

This isn't a 'nice to have' this is a critical leap forward for our business. As far as having a real customer service software tied to a real CRM.

Colin Anthony, VP of Business Development

About SilencerCo

SilencerCo challenges the assumption that firearms must be loud. By investing in innovation, customer service, organic manufacturing, advocacy, education, and talent, they have now become the market leader in sound suppressors, muzzle devices, and related products.

Headquarters: West Valley City, UT, USA
Industry: Consumer Goods
Website: www.silencerco.com