3 navigational essentials from Oracle Managed Services

by Ken Anderson

Managed services are a powerful way to channel growth and continuous improvement into your business’ Oracle platform. But sometimes, the guidance gained through managed services is overlooked and seen as merely a fixer-upper team for when things go awry. But, when used correctly and with the right partner, managed services for Oracle can be so much more: a worthwhile investment for your company and a tool to drive innovation into your business’ technology platform.

Simplus is one such partner for Oracle Managed Services. We provide more than easy, temporary fixes—we play the long game. By providing a final destination, a path to get there, and alerts along the way, managed services is a tried and true way to get more out of your Oracle system.


1. A final destination

Before beginning any serious transformation or change to your business’ IT processes, you have to know what “done” looks like. At Simplus, and especially with our managed services offering, we employ this as a best practice: determine what the finished product is and what it looks like to key stakeholders. Your journey through Oracle may begin with one problem that seems more like a one-time troubleshooting error, but often this discovery leads to a whole slew of little things your end users want to be changed. Before you know it, your one problem is really a facade for a much bigger solution you didn’t know you needed.

To avoid this, get in touch with managed services early and clearly. It’s important that client leadership and the managed services team align on the end destination from the beginning. General wants and wishes are nice, but the real hope is that the managed services provider (MSP) and the client stakeholders can come to a specific, defined agreement on what solution will address all of the client’s needs. By checking in with managed services early, you’re making sure that the final destination they have in mind is the same as the one you’re headed to. A good MSP and consultant will strike up discussions by saying something like, “This is my current understanding of what you want to have in Oracle, and here’s my recommendation.” By doing this, your MSP can provide you with a clearer picture of that final end goal.


2. A path to get there

After establishing where you want to go, the next question looms large and intimidating to many: how do we get there? While affirming the final destination is a crucial step, planning a clear and effective route that will take you there is arguably more critical. At Simplus, it’s our job to help show you the way and draft a travel agenda for your Oracle journey.

Oracle Managed Services at Simplus is dedicated to more than just support and maintenance of your existing system. With our world-class consultants and a CPQ optimization model, we strive to improve the productivity of your end users and build a better customer experience for them. We don’t just hurry in when something goes wrong—we are actively looking for ways to improve. With our best practices and process improvement methodology, we find new paths that will make your journey faster and easier. Just consider us your Oracle sherpa.


3. A GPS—alerts and warnings along the way

Coming from a support background, I know that many times a client or customer will approach support managers with a single problem. This leads to support technicians spending time and resources on one single problem. The trick is, that one problem is often a sign of a much larger issue that needs a bigger project and well-crafted solution. This narrow, individual step perspective is easy to fall into and common. But at the end of the day, you need a big picture project to truly fix the little things.

With your everyday MSP, it’s likely that they’ll take the former approach and just fix little problems as you bring them up. But what you really want is the team who is looking for and noticing potential issues before you even experience them. At Simplus Oracle Managed Services, we look forward into the future at updates, changes, and potential roadblocks that will affect your Oracle platform. From there, we work backward and figure out what that means for your business at present and what can be done to adapt before the problem is already in your lap. Instead of working on assumptions and small, individual step information, we take the long-term view and build better, longer-lasting solutions.


Managed Services is more than just a hurried, “duct tape will fix it” shamble of tech guys. If done right, with a dedicated practice and proven methods like at Simplus, Oracle Managed Services is the roadmap for ultimate success and digital transformation in your organization. Reach out today for your solution.


Ken is a Delivery Consultant in Simplus’ Managed Service for Oracle practice. He has over ten years of experience with data analysis and software.

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